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5th June 2012

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i hate my mom

cannot wait til i can move out of this house.

everything with my mom is a fight. she wont let the dog sleep in my room because she says its hers. i rescued the dog, i walk her, i take her to the vet, i buy her food, i bathe her, i clean up after her, i make sure she doesnt have fleas etc. but its her dog. im not even supposed to be walking around and i still do it because shes a lazy drug addict.

this all started cause she has a criqit machine and i need to make shirts for a party so i asked if i could use it. no, because she is returning it. my dad bougt it for her in septemeber, she kept saying she was going to return it, its now June. she said if I pay my dad 276 dollars, i can have it. mind you i have been out of work for almost  month now and in and out of the yes, let me just throw up 276 dollars that i found growing on a tree. for something you have not used but  HAD to have. she gave me er old kindle because she had gotten a kindle for christmas, than my dad upgraded her to a kindle fire. and shes like its not yours, youre borrowing it. no dont give me something for my birthday that I NEED TO SHARE AND LET YOU BORROW. it is supposed to be mine. im ready to just give it back, ive had enough of this crap.everything in hers. she said she has a hard time lettng go of things. than dont give me them to begin with. so i cant play with the dog i rescued or take care of, i cant read the kindle that was given to me as a birthday gift. and i cant use a machine she got in september that does exactly what i need because SHE wants to return it.

my  favorite part of all of this, is when she tells me i need to relax. no, you take everything and dont share. i help her all the time and she cant let me do something. 

she is so rude to me. everything i do is a competition. if i heard my knee, suddenly her knee needs surgery. if im sick she gets sick and wont leave the bed for three days, OH AND DO YOU THINK SHE IS WALKING  HER dog during that time? she lets the dog pee on stuff cuase shes a lazy bitch. im going to go and leave the kindle near her door.

i  can feel a flare up coming on im so angry. i have such a headache and my jaw hurts etc. dear mom why are you such a bitch?

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  1. redchickpoet answered: as someone who has just finally cut my abusive psycho mom out of my life after a lifetime…steal the dog & get outta there! you need peace.
  2. speak-thy-love answered: I’m so sorry hun <3 I hope you are able to move out soon to get away from that negativity!
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